Machine Shop in Cannon Falls, MN

Nate’s Garage has the equipment and expertise to handle everything from cylinder honing to complete engine overhauls. If you're in need of professional Heavy-duty mechanic services, look no further than Nate's!

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Machine shop in Cannon Falls, MN

A Leader in Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block Services

At Nate's Garage, we're renowned throughout Cannon Falls, MN, and the surrounding areas for our specialized services in cylinder heads and cylinder blocks. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art machinery to provide precision machining, ensuring the highest quality performance of your engine.

Our cylinder head service encompasses a full range of operations from pressure testing to detect cracks or leaks to complete head reconditioning, valve job services, and re-facing. Our experts apply cutting-edge techniques to restore your cylinder heads to OEM specifications, guaranteeing superior performance.

Our comprehensive cylinder block service includes honing, boring, and align-boring services. With an emphasis on precision, we utilize advanced equipment to ensure accurate measurements and finishes. Our cylinder block services contribute to engine efficiency, providing enhanced fuel economy and performance.

Experts in Small to Commercial Engines

At Nate's Garage, we don't discriminate based on size - from small to commercial diesel engines; our expertise covers a broad spectrum. Our technicians are proficient in repairing and servicing automotive engines, lawn mower engines, generators, and more.

Our automotive engine services cater to a wide array of vehicles, covering everything from regular maintenance to complete engine rebuilds. We specialize in a diverse selection of engines, promising outstanding performance and longevity.

For commercial operators, our diesel engine services deliver exceptional results. With expertise in a wide range of heavy-duty engines, our technicians ensure optimal performance and reliability. We comprehend the importance of uptime for commercial vehicles, and that's why our diesel engine services are designed to reduce breakdowns and enhance fuel efficiency.

Rod and Piston Services, Re-Surfacing, and Pressure Testing

Nate's Garage takes pride in our extensive rod and piston services range. Whether resizing, reconditioning, or bushing fitting, our expert technicians provide the utmost care and precision to every service. We ensure optimal performance of your engine's pistons and rods, significantly improving the longevity and reliability of your vehicle.

Our re-surfacing service is essential for a perfectly flat and smooth surface on cylinder heads and blocks, critical for preventing leaks and ensuring proper sealing. We utilize advanced pressure testing techniques to identify leaks or weaknesses in cylinder heads and blocks. This service helps preempt potential engine failure, enhancing safety and reliability while saving you costly future repairs.

Specialized Crankshaft Services

Our crankshaft service stands among the best in the Cannon Falls area. We offer grinding, polishing, balancing, and inspection services, assuring your crankshaft is restored to peak condition. Our high-precision equipment and our skilled technicians ensure accurate and efficient repair of your crankshaft, improving your engine's overall performance and longevity.

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Nate's Garage is more than just a machine shop; we're your one-stop destination for all your engine-related needs. Our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Trust us with your vehicles and equipment, and we'll ensure they perform at their best for years to come.

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"The team always takes the best care of my car. Trustworthy and reliable. They are hands down, the best shop around! Whatever you need, they have your back! Thank you for the speedy belt change today!"
Anna Kendig

Emily Dommeyer

5 star review

Very Friendly, explained everything. They have a very slick texting system that updates you when your car is completed along with any other recommendations they may have! Very efficient .

Karin Hanner

5 star review

Hands down the best collision center car repair in MN. Dropped off my truck for brakes, lift kit, transmission fluid change, oil/filter and cabin filter change and received my truck back like new inside and out.

Nancy Schimunek

5 star review

Have been taking me car there for oil changes & have been very happy. So when I was having problems with my vehicle that is where I took it. They found & fixed it no problem. Will definitely keep giving them my business!